Zircon Software: About Us

Our Story

Formed in 1999 and based solely in the UK, Zircon is a privately owned business that has grown from its early foundations of working with a small number of clients to being the trusted partner of global, blue-chip companies today.

Our ethos of agile and reliable threads through every aspect of our being, from our expectations on the work we deliver and how we develop, to our commitment to employing world-class engineers at the same time as developing new talent through the ranks.

Accreditations & Frameworks
Software Development with the client in mind

Why Clients Come to Us

New to Software Development

The impact of digital transformation spans across every business sector. As such organisations find themselves needing software solutions to modernise their business but without with the experience to deliver this successfully. Customers therefore turn to Zircon as their collaboration partner of choice.

Experimenting With New Technology

It is a willingness to take risks that separates the innovators from the followers and the path to innovation is not without its obstacles. It can require a significant investment of time, resources, and capital, with no guarantee of success. Having a partner well-versed in innovation and R&D, with a breadth of skills and resources not easily found, enables customers to experiment in a controlled, lower cost and reduced risk way.

Non-Core Product Development

Developing ancillary support tools enriches the functionality, usability, and overall value of the primary software product. However, internal teams need to focus on continuous improvement of the core product rather than developing bespoke ancillary solutions. Outsourcing this to a collaboration partner is the best way to keep the focus at the same time as reacting to different market demands and driving growth.

Managing Spikes In Demand

The short-term and uncertain nature of periods of high demand is a classic resource management conundrum. By leveraging the expertise of external software development partners, companies can quickly augment their in-house capabilities, accelerating project timelines and ensuring timely delivery of products or services.


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Our Service Areas

With a focus on innovation and tailored solutions, our expertise extends beyond simply churning out code. As well as supporting client’s through New Product Development, we excel in Product Tailoring and Addressing Obsolescence challenges, adapting existing software to meet evolving needs. Most importantly this commitment doesn’t end at deployment; our dedicated support and maintenance service ensures your software remains optimised and up-to-date, providing peace of mind as your business grows and evolves.

Zircon’s Integrated Lifecycle Framework

Our customers keep coming back to us because we are great at what we do. Our lifecycle framework has been continuously improved over 2 decades to guide your project through five key stages with precision. Efficiently de-risking while delivering on time and to budget, ensuring that every aspect of the solution aligns seamlessly with your objectives.

Sotware Solutions Backed By Domain Knowledege

Our Industries


Since our formation, we have built up extensive experience and a proven track record within the UK rail industry. Working alongside renowned clients, such as Siemens Mobility, Network Rail, London Underground, to tackle the unique challenges of this sector, we empower rail companies to streamline operations, enhance safety measures, and optimise efficiency across the network.



We are committed to driving positive change and helping our clients navigate the modern demands of the highways sector with confidence. Working alongside clients, National Highways, Amey and Atkins, to produce tailored solutions aimed at optimising traffic flow, improving road safety, and enhancing overall infrastructure management efficiency.


With a focus on seamless integration, real-time monitoring, and predictive maintenance, our solutions empower clients such as Draken, Baker Hughes and Rotork, to achieve higher levels of productivity and reliability in their operations.


Meet the Team

High-Level Embedded Solutions

With a profound understanding of the restrictions and intricacies that come hand in hand with developing embedded systems, our experts excel in crafting efficient and secure solutions for a diverse range of applications. From bare metal development and up, our team leverages their expertise to deliver tailored solutions that meet the most demanding requirements.

Engineering Software Solutions

Our experts combine cutting-edge technologies with meticulous attention to detail via rigorous Verification & Validation activities to develop software that power essential operations. With a steadfast commitment to quality and precision and a proven track record of delivering dependable solutions, our engineering software team stands ready to empower our clients to achieve their most ambitious goals with confidence and peace of mind.

AI & Machine Learning

With a passion for pushing boundaries and embracing cutting-edge technologies, our experts harness the power of AI to craft innovative solutions that drive efficiency and transform industries. From utilising unsupervised Machine Learning algorithms to reduce the computational cost of anomaly detection on edge computing units, to developing spatial-temporal graph-based deep neural networks for prediction problems, our team are at the cutting edge of AI utilisation. Committed to excellence and continuous learning, we are at the forefront of shaping the future of intelligent software solutions, helping businesses thrive in the age of digital transformation.

Video Analytics & Machine Vision

With a keen eye for innovation and a commitment to excellence, our dynamic team specialising in video analytics and machine vision leverage advanced algorithms and cutting-edge technologies to unlock invaluable insights from visual data. From enhancing security measures and boosting public safety to optimising operational efficiency, our team harnesses the power of machine vision to address diverse industry needs. With expertise in image processing and real-time analytics, we are dedicated to providing robust state-of-the-art solutions.


Join the Zircon Team

We are always looking for bright minds and creative technologists with a desire to continuously learn and develop, while delivering great solutions to our customers. Join us and be a part of an outstanding team focused 100% on great solutions and superb customer experience.