Capturing the Requirements of a Complex System Supports the Introduction of New Signalling Product

Methodologies: UML
Software Development Tools: Visio
Our client is a well-known name in the railway signalling sector, developing and maintaining a portfolio of signalling software products. Hoping to introduce a new product into this portfolio, our client discovered that they required additional support in the definition of their requirements.

Knowing that we had previous experience of working with their existing systems, and the capability to collate information regarding various interfaces and data sources, Zircon were initially brought into the project to complete a requirements capture for the new product. Working with each of the stakeholders involved in the development, we organised a series of workshops to gain a clear picture of what the system would be expected to do and how it would be used from which we could outline the requirements.

As this was a complex system, bringing together a variety of different data sources, some of which the client had never used before, we had to investigate and understand each source and the related interfaces. This helped to ensure interoperability of the data sources and that they would be suitable for use with our client’s product.

Having collated the findings from the workshops into a requirements specification, we were asked by the client to provide an estimate of the required resources and potential duration of development. As part of the estimation process we utilised UML to design a viable system architecture from the requirements specification.

With requirements and system architecture in hand, the client was able to commence the development of their new product. By utilising Zircon’s services, the client was able to focus on other important aspects of the project, knowing that we could bring together the various stakeholders and ensure all of their expectations would be captured in the final requirements.

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