Newly Developed Web-Based Tool Facilitates the Analysis of M25 Road Data

Operating Systems: Windows
Languages: C#
Frameworks: .NET
Databases: Microsoft SQL Server
Our client was a leading infrastructure consultancy with particular expertise in the Highways & Transport industry sector. As a result of this experience, our client was contracted by the Highways Agency (now named Highways England) to manage the M25 sphere.

As part of the management service our client needed to be able to analyse data regarding events that had occurred on the road network within the M25 sphere. This data was collected from a number of disparate sources and held in a variety of databases and file formats.

Zircon were approached to develop a web-based tool that would facilitate the analysis of held data by connecting to, and extracting data from, each database/file and mapping it to a common location referencing method before loading it into a single SQL Server database residing on a Windows Server.

Once in place the user was provided with methods to query for occurrences by location, time and date, or by type. In turn these queries could be merged so that, for example, congestion occurring on specific sections of motorway following an incident could be investigated. Once a query had been made the tool displayed the results in tabular format via a web-based interface.

Zircon’s tool, thanks to its query function, provided our client with powerful data mining capabilities to allow them to fully analyse the data regarding events on the M25 sphere.

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