Zircon’s Advice Secures BS EN 50128 SIL2 Compliance for American Rail Grinding System

Other: BS EN 50128 (SIL2)
Our client provides rolling stock engineering solutions to rail networks across the world. They had recently signed a contract with Network Rail to supply a number of their rail grinding systems however, having never dealt with the European market, our client had very limited knowledge of the safety standards expected for equipment being used on the UK rail network.

A requirement of the BS EN 50128 standard dictates that all software must be audited by an independent safety assessor. Knowing of this requirement our client had recruited the services of a railway consultancy. After the assessors’ initial review our client was informed that their processes did not fit the requirements of the EN 50128 standard.

Knowing of Zircon’s extensive experience in this area, the assessor recommended that our client get in contact with Zircon as an organisation that could assist and advise them on how to refine their processes.

Zircon provided our client with some initial consultancy services, to conduct an investigation and review of the existing products and development processes. In order to ascertain the areas preventing our client from achieving the required safety standard, Zircon conducted a gap analysis as part of this review process.

Following the identification of the areas that did not meet the safety standard requirements Zircon provided further assistance to our client, by offering advice on how to improve each of the identified issues. Recognising that Zircon had a wealth of knowledge in regards to the EN 50128 standard, our client invited us to work alongside their team to make the necessary alterations to their processes in order to acquire the desired standard. Zircon were also involved in the preparation and independent review of project documentation, which included component and system test specifications.

Our client’s product has since successfully passed the safety audit and have begun the next stages of the process to introduce their product to the UK rail network.

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