Zircon’s Real-Time Data Server Solution Helps Client Pinpoint Structural Concerns

Zircon’s Real-Time Data Server Solution Helps Client Pinpoint Structural Concerns

Zircon’s Real-Time Data Server Solution Helps Client Pinpoint Structural Concerns

Operating Systems: Linux
Languages: Javascript, Python
Methodologies: Agile, SCRUM
Frameworks: Django
Technologies: AJAX
Databases: Postgres
Zircon’s client is a world leader in the development of monitoring solutions, which include load, strain and stress measurement technologies. In preparation for a couple of future contracts our client approached Zircon to develop a real-time data server, which would collect data from a number of sensors to establish the condition of the structures being monitored.

This real-time server was to be an integral part of one of our client’s monitoring solutions; however they did not have access to the required skill resources to complete the development in house.

A key requirement was for the software to be able to support the introduction of additional sensors from a number of different suppliers and of different types.

Zircon developed a tailored, web based, real-time data server that successfully gathers data from the client’s sensors. The data is initially stored in its raw state and then put through a series of, customisable, threshold checks. When a breach is detected then either alarms are triggered and/or the data sample rate altered.

Data is presented to the end user via a web front end and the system allows an engineer to transform the gathered data into a variety of easy to read formats, such as graphs, in order to pinpoint any patterns or continuous periods of excessive stress in the data. This process allows our client’s engineers to focus their efforts on the most relevant areas. The software also allows for both event logging and user management from a single access point.

For this project an agile development methodology was agreed and a Scrum method, consisting of a mix of four and two-week Sprint cycles, employed. This enabled Zircon to be flexible in when functionality was developed and enabled the client to provide continuous feedback and introduce and modify requirements throughout the life of the project.

Zircon once again worked closely with our client to ensure that the software met the client’s expectations, with special attention given to ensuring compatibility and the ability to integrate new sensors. The system has been successfully deployed and Zircon has provided additional support to enhance the software further.

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