Early Fault Identification with Software for Remote Condition Monitoring

Early Fault Identification with Software for Remote Condition Monitoring

Early Fault Identification with Software for Remote Condition Monitoring Of Track Circuits

Operating Systems: Windows (8)
Languages: C#.NET
Frameworks: .NET4, WPF
Databases: SQL Server
Zircon was approached by London Underground to help develop a monitoring system to allow them to assess the status of track circuits on the Victoria Line which would frequently fail without any warning, and lead to high levels of lost customer hours.

The work was part of an ongoing improvement program for this line and our client wanted to be able to detect failures before they happened. Zircon was tasked to develop a software package that would retrieve data from a database, provided by the client, and present it in real time on a touch screen display in the control room.

The majority of this project revolved around the development of the front end Graphical User Interface (GUI) and the back end server solution to work alongside it. The GUI was designed so that it colour codes each track circuit according to their operational status, this allows our clients engineers to identify which circuits have begun to drift away from normal operating conditions.

Once a potential issue is identified, engineers are able to view current and historical conditions for that circuit plotted together in graphical format. Not only does this allow for quick fault diagnosis but also early identification of failing equipment.

In order to provide our client with support for the entire project lifecycle, Zircon generated a system level test specification for the GUI and server side application. We also provided our client with technical on site software support for factory acceptance and line acceptance testing, as well as assisting the client with the documentation and assurance activities associated with the GUI software.

The new system has since been approved and implemented; our clients were more than satisfied with the service provided by Zircon and are hopeful that the level of lost customer hours will see a significant reduction.

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